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Train Russia to Mongolia

When leaving Irkutsk, things started to get interresting looking out of the window. Not right away of course, train left Irkutsk station at eight o'clock in the evening and at night you don't really see alot. Or so you would think!

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Irkutsk, Eastern Siberia

So, time again for another update. This time from Irkutsk. But before we get to that, let's go back to the trans-mongolian railway...

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Moscow, Russia

Overnight train from St.Petersburg was great. Nice and Clean - full of friendly people who willingly offered you their alcohol (- tourists of course!). Met an Austrailian group travelling the same dates as I am, so I guess we'll meet up from time to time. Included in the trainfare was also a prepacked breakfast meal of all the body needs; consisting of tea, coffee, sugar, bread, cake, chocolate, peanuts, butter, smoked sausage and some sort of pate. Waking up was no problem, In fact - it was impossible not to with (again) trains loudspeakes cracking with orchestral music the last half an hour of the journey.

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St Petersburg

So its time for another update! Ha ha ha, the keys on this machine are all misplaced, and I don't have much time - so you will have to do with some errors :)

The train ride from Helsinki to the Russian border consisted mainly of... what a surprise! Forest. Border passing was no problem...

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  • He insisted.... ;-)

    Check out the website of my brother, Ib Knutsen! He is currently working at a UN office in Nairobi, Kenya - and he is a bit more advanced as a webmaster than I am. You will find photos, videos, essays and articles and loads of tips and tricks.

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    Well, those Russians are giving me a hard time.



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