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In response to: Good Cops (Driving in Pakistan pt 3)

Astrid [Visitor]
litt av en opplevelse
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In response to: Good Cop (Driving in Pakistan pt 2)

Astrid [Visitor]
oi oi oi
skal si!
the royal rider max ;-)
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In response to: Latest News

Astrid [Visitor]
how you doin'?

koser meg med dine reiseskildringer
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In response to: Good Cop (Driving in Pakistan pt 2)

Sølve [Visitor]
Hirr hirr!

How did you do down the stairs?
Full throtle?
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In response to: Good Cops (Driving in Pakistan pt 3)

Sølve [Visitor]
hirr hirr... der var du heldig, den sex'en kunne vel fort blitt en runde med the Chief tenker jeg... ;-)
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In response to: Good Cop (Driving in Pakistan pt 2)

Laughing my ass off!!

One of your best so far :-)

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In response to: Good Cop (Driving in Pakistan pt 2)

Ib [Visitor] ·
Heya Max,
Always fun to read your updates. Knitting with the map, I get a clear sense on the whereabouts as well. Will send you a draft soon.
Permalink 2006-05-03 @ 18:18

In response to: Picture update !

Lindsay Goods [Visitor]
Hey Max!
Hope that your trip is going well! I love that photo of you with the bike on the salt plains. Stunning! I am back in Canada now, working a bit, and deciding what to do next. I applied back to University to perhaps become a certified teacher......I figure it would be a great position to allow me to travel in the future.........perhaps I could ome teach in Norway.......or just visit! Hope this email finds you well! All the best, my Laos buddy!
luv lindsay
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In response to: Latest News

Ib [Visitor] ·
Tjenorna Max,
Endelig kom globetrotterbildet, som kan sitte i jakken til gla' boka du en gang kanskje kommer til aa skrive.

Det blir vrient aa treffe deg paa reisen. Det er ISM reunion i finland i juli, og jeg skulle ogsaa godt likt aa dra paa oyafestivalen i august. Gudene vet. Men vi sees i sommer uansett.
Permalink 2006-04-24 @ 15:50

In response to: Border crossing

Dette var artig lesning Max. Jeg kan VIRKELIG se for meg den indiske tolleren :-)

Har lagt ut et bilde av deg fra Jodhpur :-)


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In response to: Latest News

Great news!
(And great image :-)

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In response to: Latest News from Pakistan

Ah, it didn't work to link images directly... So here's a link.

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In response to: Latest News from Pakistan

Hi Max,

great to see that you are well across the border! :-) Did the mechanic finally fix the bike? Who was sent, by the way? The same guy who met us in Jaipur?

Here's a last memory from Delhi

- bored in the rain...
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In response to: Latest News from Pakistan

virker som om denne turen er en dans på (torne)roser. må bli fett i Pakistan, da. hjemme er det sjøørret som står i fokus. vært noe bra fisking på turen, elle?
Permalink 2006-04-14 @ 10:51

In response to: Shimla to Amritsar

Ezee123 [Visitor]
Great reading snippets of your journey in Simla to Amritsar.
Can you ramble more and give more travelling experiences.
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In response to: Welcome to my site

brian jacobsen [Visitor]
Hej Max.
Stadig på farten ser jeg.
Way to go.
Håber det går godt med Dig på turen.
Bliver fedt for Dig at kunne blande sig i debatten om den store verden og så rent faktisk have været der.
Her hos OSB er det same sh** diffenent day.
Mojn (lokaldialekthilsen)
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In response to: Ready, Set.......

Found it
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In response to: Ready, Set.......

Ib [Visitor] ·
Hi Max,
Your new bike, is that the white one displayed earlier? If not, can you point to it?
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In response to: Ready, Set.......

great post Max. And even greater to hear that the Carnet is safely in your pocket :-) I'm really lookig forward to seeing your pictures as soon as you get to Europe.

Have an nice ride!!!
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In response to: Still in Delhi

admin [Member]
Hey Espen, takk for laan av minnekort - plukket disse opp hos ambassaden idag - naa burde jeg holde helt til Istanbul! Les foroverig seneste post i bloggen
Permalink 2006-03-29 @ 10:47


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