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Hoi An, Vietnam

Travelling in vietnam can be easy and cheap if your on a budget. There are several companies that will sell you open tickets on busses from Hanoi to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) or vice versa.

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Sorting things out

The following text is just for curiosity if you want to know how I sorted things out after "the little unfortunate incident"

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Getting robbed

Hanoi. Love it or leave it. So I left it. Too much noise, too much traffic, too many people wanting your attention - not to even mention some of - or better still - all your money..

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Why Hanoi is a jungle

...let me count the ways. No, seriously - after China, Hanoi was a bit of a shock. Having been to Beijing and Shanghai - two of the most populous places on earth (there are soooo many chinese!) - I was expecting Hanoi to be a walk in the park.

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Border Crossing China to Vietnam

Hanoi Vietnam

I thought China was a jungle, but apparently that was nothing compared to Hanoi! There is a train leaving Beijing twice weekly heading for Hanoi. While spending a week in Yangshou, I had booked the ticket through china's official tourist buro (CITS), getting on the train in Guilin. My visa for China was tipping it's 30th (and final) day of me leagally staying in the country, and we would arrive at the Vietnamese border sometime past midnight - officially making me outwear my welcome by say... 15 minutes?

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Picture update!

just added some pictures from Yangshou and some recent ones from Hanoi & Halong bay, Vietnam

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Trainride from Shanghai to Kunming China

I was in Shanghai wondering what to do next. I knew I needed a visa for Vietnam and my original plan was to pick one up in Hong Kong. As you know, Hong Kong was given back to the Chinese a few years back and is no longer a British protectorate. Can you travel into Hong Kong from China? No problem! Can you travel into China from Hong Kong? Better get yourself a new visa...!

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Contrary to what my blog show of updates, I am actually moving along! I arrived in Hanoi yesterday morning from Guilin in China. Today I am on my way to Halong Bay, known to many as secret hideaway of Villains (..stroking cats?) in old James Bond movies. The bay is known for its pinnacle mountains, caves and quiet green sea. I am spending two nights and three days there, first night on a boat - the second on Catba island. If you don't hear from me soon, you know where I am - making evil schemes for taking over the world... ;)

Thanx for comments made in guestbook, also the private ones!


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Picture update!

More pictures have been added. You will find them by clicking "Images" on the top of this page. There are now so many sub-albums of China that they are spread on TWO pages. First click "On the Road" albums. Make sure you don't stop at Kunming, but click the second page for pictures from Dali, Lijang and Yangshou!

.. Or if that's getting complicated - just click HERE


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am was were

Just to keep you all updated as I don't seem to be able to keep the writing ajour as to where I'm at. If you are interrested - get out your map of China..

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Beijing China, Kung Fu show at Red Theatre

Beijing is enormous. And there is so much to do there, I don't know where to start. The first night we went to a Kung Fu Show in the Red Theatre. The taxi driver got directions in chinese, nodded and smiled and we were on our way - my companinons from Belgia and myself - speeding trough the streets of Beijing - forty five minutes to go. To make up for the lack of language skills - all taxis come equipped with taximeter (the only thing in China with a fixed price?) and an electronic voicebox which welcomes you in digital english and wishes you a nice trip. The taxi looks nice and new, so no problems here.

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  • He insisted.... ;-)

    Check out the website of my brother, Ib Knutsen! He is currently working at a UN office in Nairobi, Kenya - and he is a bit more advanced as a webmaster than I am. You will find photos, videos, essays and articles and loads of tips and tricks.

    One of his latest projects was the making of a rap video for Nairobi rappers - definetly worth checking out!


  • Visa to Russia

    Well, those Russians are giving me a hard time.



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