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Happy New Year! !

Fireshow on Koh Lanta

I'm just dropping in to wish everybody a Happy New Year - I hope it turns out to be a great one for each and every one of you!

I'm spending new years eve on Koh Lanta with my friends from Norway - Joar & Nina.

best wishes for 2006,


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Whats up

Sorry for lack of updates, but sun is shining - what can I say?

I have met up with my parents in Phuket some ten days ago, and it was great seeing them again. They will be spending the next few weeks travelling the islands of thailand, too.

We took a two day trip to Koh Phi Phi island and Koh Lanta to scout for possible places to spend christmas together - but got caught in heavy rains that limited our movements to the point that we decided not to stay at either place. Plan B: spend christmas at Ao Nang, Krabi

So Yesterday I took a boat from Phuket to Ao Nang and met my friends Joar and Nina that flew over from Norway on Sunday and proceeded southwards from Bangkok to Krabi to stay here the next four weeks. We celebrated their arrival with a dip in the ocean and refridgerator cool Chablis white wine on the terrace. Mosquitoes not invited.


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Karon Phuket Thailand

So, I finally met up with my parents yesterday after quite a ride:

2 pm: 1 h speed boat from Kho Maak to mainland thailand
4.30 pm: 5 h bus to Bangkok
9.30 pm: 30 min taxi to Bangkok trainstation
11.50 pm: 7 h train from Bangkok to Chumphon
07.00 am: 2 h minibus from Chumphon to Ranong
10.00 am: 30 min speedboat to BURMA
11.00 am: 30 min speedboat to THAILAND - NEW 30 day VISA!!!
12:30 pm: 5 h bus from Ranong to Phuket
19:30 pm: 30 min motorbike from Phuket to Hat Karon (Karon beach)

Phuket is so far just what I feared it would be - overcrowded and overpriced! I would say overnoised aswell - but I don't think that is a word. I have been staying on Kho Maak for a week - a place so quiet that you can hear the corals grow, so Phuket is definetly something... different. I'm sure I will enjoy my time here though, having met up with my parents and all. My friends Joar and Nina will be arriving in a weeks time - heading to Krabi which is just across the bay. I promise an update this coming week - I have some photos from the trek in Chiang Mai that I have promised Ellie & Rachel I would upload.


PS: thx Jo, for sending my message by sms!



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Kho Samet & Kho Maak, Thailand

so my beach holiday has finally come. White sands and easy days spent reading books and swinging to and fro in my hammoc. Will be meeting up with my parents in a week or so, somewhere else - for now I have this tropical island (almost) to myself... Also looking forward to meeting up with Nina & Joar, but that's - what, three weeks away? time flies!



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Whooo-hooo! I've got mail..!

I want to send my ever grateful thanx to Joar, Espen, Ib og Trond for coming to the rescue!! Awaiting me at Bangkok's central postoffice today was 3 packets containing (hopefully) enough music to last all the way home. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!! I'll make sure something drops into your very own mailboxes in return. If you have requests regarding specific film, music, games or the likes - feel free to leave me a hint :)


Immediate plans: going to Kho Samet Island for a few days


Max is currently: Bergen, Norway

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  • He insisted.... ;-)

    Check out the website of my brother, Ib Knutsen! He is currently working at a UN office in Nairobi, Kenya - and he is a bit more advanced as a webmaster than I am. You will find photos, videos, essays and articles and loads of tips and tricks.

    One of his latest projects was the making of a rap video for Nairobi rappers - definetly worth checking out!


  • Visa to Russia

    Well, those Russians are giving me a hard time.



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