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Ready, Set.......

First of all, thanx for signing my guestbook - also you guys who left private ones - I have read them all!

WHoHO HO hho ho!!! MY bike is ALIIIIVE!! Turns out it had a defect topblock on the engine and no matter who much they tightened it - it wouldn't have mattered - the oil would keep running. So, new one in place and my bike is as dry as the Iranian desert (well, actually the Iranian desert i FULL of oil but you get what I mean..).

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Still in Delhi

Hey Everybody! First of all, I hope yall doing allright? Check out the tons and tons of pictures that I have uploaded the last couple of days, and I would very much appreciate it if you take 5 minutes to sign my guestbook. It wasn't working for a long time - but after the latest fix, I haven't heard any complaints...

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  • He insisted.... ;-)

    Check out the website of my brother, Ib Knutsen! He is currently working at a UN office in Nairobi, Kenya - and he is a bit more advanced as a webmaster than I am. You will find photos, videos, essays and articles and loads of tips and tricks.

    One of his latest projects was the making of a rap video for Nairobi rappers - definetly worth checking out!


  • Visa to Russia

    Well, those Russians are giving me a hard time.



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