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Picture update !

I have now updated the picture section with the rest of the pictures from Pakistan and then some from Iran.

I am probably uploading too many, (especially considering the time it is taking me) - endless pictures of roads might bore some of you - but it might serve of interest to others - at least it gives you an idea of what I am experiencing along the way.


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An evening in Lahore

Lahore is a nice city. I'm not sure what I had expected, but I do admit that my impression of Pakistan and the Pakistanis was a little more on the hostile side. Known for burning flags as a national sport and providing the Taliban with moral and finacial support - I was very pleasently surprised to be proven utterly wrong.

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Latest News

Hello, I have made some updates on Amritsar and the entry into Pakistan. I am currently enjoying myself in Esfahan in Iran. I got my 7 day transit visa extended in Shiraz by two weeks - Yey!

Here is a picture of me on the saltplains on the way from Kerman to Shiraz. More will follow.

Saltplains in Iran

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Border crossing

The Pakistani border is about 30km from Amritsar and there was not a lot of traffic. There is still alot of bad blood between the two countries, and travel for their citizens is restricted. I could however, cruise along - the highway all to myself.

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I had some days to spend in Amritsar. Amritsar is the holy city of the Sikhs - containing their beatiful Golden Temple. Amritsar was also the location of one an important historical event in Indian history, a gathering and subsequent slaughter of hundreds of Indians, fueling their fight for Independance from England.

"I think it quite possible that I could have dispersed the crowd without firing but they would have come back again and laughed, and I would have made, what I consider, a fool of myself." — Dyer's response to the Hunter Commission Enquiry.
(The troops were commanded by British Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer).

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Latest News from Pakistan

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are enjoying your Easter holidays? I am in Lahore at the moment, having crossed the border from India to Pakistan with my Enfield. Pakistan seems to be a nice place, the hospitality I've met so far is overwhelming.

I'll leave Lahore tomorrow, heading southwards to Bahawalpur. I'll give you and update on my stay in Amritsar and Lahore (hopefully) in a few days.

In the meantime you can check out the pictures I have uploaded today from Shimla, Amritsar, the border, and Lahore. You will also find some miscallaneous pictures from on the road here.

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Shimla to Amritsar

It was cold when I woke up. I had had a great nights sleep for the first time in weeks due to fresh mountain air. Someone was knocking on my door, and looking at my watch I realised that it was only 6 o'clock in the morning. I had only slept 5 hours! I ignored the knocking and went back to sleep. 7 o'clock the knocking commenced once again. Ignored.

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GO! .....?

Actually, Mr Enfield ran into a few more problems. I can hear some of you laughing (... Espen?) - My motorcycle decided to take up smoking. And as you know, smoking can seriously damage one's health.

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    Well, those Russians are giving me a hard time.



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