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Shimla to Amritsar

It was cold when I woke up. I had had a great nights sleep for the first time in weeks due to fresh mountain air. Someone was knocking on my door, and looking at my watch I realised that it was only 6 o'clock in the morning. I had only slept 5 hours! I ignored the knocking and went back to sleep. 7 o'clock the knocking commenced once again. Ignored.

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GO! .....?

Actually, Mr Enfield ran into a few more problems. I can hear some of you laughing (... Espen?) - My motorcycle decided to take up smoking. And as you know, smoking can seriously damage one's health.

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Ready, Set.......

First of all, thanx for signing my guestbook - also you guys who left private ones - I have read them all!

WHoHO HO hho ho!!! MY bike is ALIIIIVE!! Turns out it had a defect topblock on the engine and no matter who much they tightened it - it wouldn't have mattered - the oil would keep running. So, new one in place and my bike is as dry as the Iranian desert (well, actually the Iranian desert i FULL of oil but you get what I mean..).

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Still in Delhi

Hey Everybody! First of all, I hope yall doing allright? Check out the tons and tons of pictures that I have uploaded the last couple of days, and I would very much appreciate it if you take 5 minutes to sign my guestbook. It wasn't working for a long time - but after the latest fix, I haven't heard any complaints...

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Espen's Pictures

My friend Espen has begun editing the photos he has taken on his trip in India. Check it out!



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Guestbook error fixed...??

I have now made some changes to the code in the guestbook. Please make an entry to test if the Error has been fixed!

thank you very much!


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My Enfield (for the time being)

Max\'s bike

Hmmm. things seem to fall of this bike all the time... Well - as long as the rider stays on :)

check out some new entries in the picture section on India

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India - first impressions

India is chaos, colour, smell, dirt and dust. And much much more. After landing in Delhi it was time for passport control and I was a bit amused. Two indian officials in fancy uniforms, grown up men in their fifties with round faces hidden behind the largest black mustashes you can imagine came strolling towards me. Serious faces. Very important. Holding hands. Say what?

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Leaving Bangkok - & Indian inflight movie

Yup, I have made it to India! Actually - the easiest stretch of the journey so far in traveltime :) The border between Myanmar and Bangladesh has been closed since I don't know when and is not about to open anytime soon. So: Air India to the rescue. It was a small compromise to my asia-by-land plan, but if you gotta go - you gotta go.

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Picture update

Hello all! I have now updated the picture section to contain photos from Chiang Mai in the North to Kho Phi Phi in the south - trekking in the jungle and meeting up with my friends from Norway, Nina & Joar.

I am currently in Ranong, having made another visa run to Myanmar yesterday. I am now allowed to stay in Thailand another month, but in about three weeks time I hope to be trotting around in New Delhi with my friend Espen. I still have not purchased my ticket, that is my immediate plan for the moment.


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  • He insisted.... ;-)

    Check out the website of my brother, Ib Knutsen! He is currently working at a UN office in Nairobi, Kenya - and he is a bit more advanced as a webmaster than I am. You will find photos, videos, essays and articles and loads of tips and tricks.

    One of his latest projects was the making of a rap video for Nairobi rappers - definetly worth checking out!


  • Visa to Russia

    Well, those Russians are giving me a hard time.



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