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Latest News from Pakistan

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are enjoying your Easter holidays? I am in Lahore at the moment, having crossed the border from India to Pakistan with my Enfield. Pakistan seems to be a nice place, the hospitality I've met so far is overwhelming.

I'll leave Lahore tomorrow, heading southwards to Bahawalpur. I'll give you and update on my stay in Amritsar and Lahore (hopefully) in a few days.

In the meantime you can check out the pictures I have uploaded today from Shimla, Amritsar, the border, and Lahore. You will also find some miscallaneous pictures from on the road here.


Comment from: Fredrik [Visitor] ·
virker som om denne turen er en dans på (torne)roser. må bli fett i Pakistan, da. hjemme er det sjøørret som står i fokus. vært noe bra fisking på turen, elle?
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Hi Max,

great to see that you are well across the border! :-) Did the mechanic finally fix the bike? Who was sent, by the way? The same guy who met us in Jaipur?

Here's a last memory from Delhi

- bored in the rain...
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Ah, it didn't work to link images directly... So here's a link.

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